ARCOS Community Meeting  - March 2023

ARCOS quarterly Aurin - Umar Altaf 10 March 2023.mpeg

AURIN's Internal Development Platform - Umar Altaf - Video


AURIN's Internal Development Platform - Umar Altaf - Slides

ARCOS Symposium 2023

ARCOS Symposium Feb 2023 Keynote.pdf

ARCOS Overview and vision - Slides

ARCOS Overview and Vision - Dr Paul Coddington.mpeg

ARCOS Overview and vision - Video

ARCOS Symposium Jupyterhub - Andy Botting.pdf

Jupyter Notebook Service - Slides

National Jupyter Notebook Service - Andy Botting.mpeg

Jupyter Notebook Service -Video

ARCOS Symposium 2023 - Nextflow Tower.pptx

Nextflow Tower, BioCommons - Slides

A Kubernetes cluster for NextFlow Tower Australian Biocommons - Audrey & Ziad.mpeg

Nextflow Tower, BioCommons - Video

Handle microservice-based architecture challenges with AWS - Dr Aarthi Natarajan.mpeg

Microservice arch, AWS - Video

ARCOS Community Meeting  - Jan 2023


An ARCOS use case – Integration of NVidia GPUs on OpenStack Magnum based Kubernetes Cluster, by Owen Kaluza - Video

How can software containers help your research?  - Video