K8s Services

ARDC envisions and promotes the use of containers and container orchestration for impactful research

Containers and Kubernetes Services

Australian Research Container Orchestration Services (ARCOS) 

ARCOS is a community, driven by various national institutions with the aim of establishing a national Kubernetes service and promoting use of containers in research. The community adopts four tier approach:

To know more visit https://arcos.ardc.edu.au/

ARDC Nectar Research Cloud 

The ARDC Nectar Research Cloud (Nectar) is Australia’s national research cloud, specifically designed for research computing. Launched in 2012, Nectar provides Australia’s research community with fast, interactive, self-service access to large-scale computing infrastructure, software and data. 

Nectar is a federation that is co-designed and receives co-investment from universities across Australia. The federation enables cross-institutional research collaborations to deliver research computing services at a national scale.

Nectar offers services such as Virtual Machines, Data Storage, Kubernetes Clusters, Advance Networking.

To learn more visit https://ardc.edu.au/services/ardc-nectar-research-cloud/

Digital Services hosted on Nectar

The ARDC Nectar Research Cloud is a digital research platform that provides large-scale cloud computing services and tools to Australian researchers. A good number of these projects leverage the benefits of Kubernetes. 

Some of the featured projects and services hosted on Nectar: