K8s Services

ARDC's Kubernetes service offering involves engaging the Australian research community in the adoption of Kubernetes to deliver cloud native research platforms. The core pillars of the service are community engagement via the ARCOS community; consultancy and support for platform research projects; training and implementations for researchers and research software engineers. 

Containers and Kubernetes Services

Community Engagement

Australian Research Container Orchestration Service (ARCOS) is a community, driven by various national institutions with the aim of establishing a national Kubernetes service and promoting use of containers in research. The community adopts a four tier approach:

The ARCOS community is a way to listen and gather feedback from the community in providing Kubernetes service which addresses their needs.


As part of the ARDC's Kubernetes service, we aim to up-skill the Australian research community in using containers and Kubernetes. 

We provide training to research software engineers and researchers:

Ongoing Support

ARDC offers ongoing support to research projects using Kubernetes and ARDC’s Magnum Service, a container orchestration engine. The ongoing support includes following activities:


We recognise Kubernetes as a way to make research projects scalable and cloud native. Hence we provide free consultancy to research projects in adoption of Kubernetes.

If you have a research project in mind and are looking at the possibility of hosting it on Nectar Research Cloud, fill in the contact us form on the ARDC website. 


What do we offer ?

Example research platform projects hosted on Nectar Research Cloud

For a comprehensive list, please visit "Digital Services Hosted on ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud."

In addition to Kubernetes offering, ARDC provides platforms implemented on K8s targeting researchers.

The ARDC Nectar Research Cloud offers self-service Kubernetes powered by OpenStack Magnum.

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