Australian Research Container Orchestration Service (ARCOS)

ARCOS Technical Working Group

One of the pivotal groups to help establish ARCOS this year will be the ARCOS Technical Working Group (ARCOS TWG). This group will be responsible for oversight and developing many of the more technical aspects of ARCOS including:

  • Best practices and standards

  • Reference implementations

  • Determining other shared infrastructure required

  • Development of training plans and materials for best practices

  • Establishment of Champions program and helping to identify candidates.

We encourage you to be a part of the ARCOS TWG. You can do so by sending a blank email to from the email address you want to register.

Terms Of Reference for the group are available here. Please be aware that participation requires a time commitment from participants including attendance at regular meetings every 2-3 weeks.

ARCOS Registry Working Group

The ARCOS Registry Working Group has been initiated to define the requirements, design and help build a National Containers Registry. The group meets regularly via zoon each fortnight. If you have an interest in participating, join the ARCOS group and send an email to Andy White who will add you to the invitation list.

ARCOS - Findings from a roadmap to establish a national capability for containers

eResearch Australasia 2020 Presentation- Steven Manos

National View of Containers and Kubernetes in Research Paper is now available.

ARCOS have been working with the national community with the aim of establishing a national Kubernetes service.
After much community consultation, the group has released the first draft of
A National View of Containers and Kubernetes in Research. The paper articulates the challenges and opportunities of Containers and Kubernetes in the Australian Research domain.  Join the group below and provide feedback on the paper and its recommendations.

Events 2021

All events are now virtual. Please sign up below to receive communications and invitations to the next event.


To join the group simply send a blank email to from the email address you want to register.

This list is used to communicate between members and also to invite you to meetings. You can subscribe with more than one email address if that helps manage calendars and emails. Note that the system works best if you have a google account (either a gmail address, or an account registered using your work email address).

If you are subscribed using a google account, you'll be able to access an archive of past messages sent amongst the group.